Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Big Moose

Here's the moose I mentioned in my first post. Below are pictures of Ryan and the moose. We found him when paddling back into a slough. The big fella was with a cow and refused to leave her side no matter what types of calls we used. How did we handle this you ask. We challenged him! I put the canoe paddles above my head and Ryan followed hunkered down behind me. We walked up to him slowly saying bwa, bwa, bwa and stopping to "thrash" some bushes with my wooden antlers. He was about to run away from us, but we struck a cord with his lady friend. I don't know if it was my handsome headpiece or Ryan's work in the back, but she was definately interested. He came out to meet us, showing us his big antlers and massive size. We began circling each other until until he was broad side at about 50 yards. Ryan shot him through the lungs with his 30-06. He took three steps and fell dead. Talk about exciting! Now that's moose hunting!

He measured out at 61 inches. Being a rather old beast, we let him hang for a few days before cutting him up and sticking him in the freezer. He tastes great!

And in case your wondering about that cow moose, she was pretty into us. We kept having to run her off while we butchered up the old boy.

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